• Luxuriously soft and comfortable
  • Naturally plant died 
  • Double layered for more support 
  • Pair up with Honua retro blossom leggings


Fabric is naturally anti- bacterial and anti-fungal .Wicks moister from your skin and resist odour retention. 

The bamboo is the fastest growing plant, rapidly self propagates and sustainably cultivated. Its zero pesticides and fertilisers as its incredibly renewable. 


Naturally dyed  :

Brushed Gray~ We used Umbrella leaf (Ketapang Tree) 

Deep Green ~ Tarum & Mango Leaf (Indigofera Tinctoria & Mangifera Indica)

Mustard ~ Mango Leaf (Mangifera Indica)

Brown ~ Mahagony Leaf (Swietenia Mahagoni)

Honua Breathe Organic Bamboo Top| Brushed Grey