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Althought we have live updates on our inventory trought our web site , technology can let us down sometimes .All orders are subject to availability and if you place an order for a product that has gone out of stock we will refund you within 24 hours.

Issues with placing order online?

We will be glad to hear from you and try our best to assist you with your purchase. Please get in touch wiht us ~

Collaborations & Trade

We love working with yoga teachers and studios, health influencers, and wellbeing promoters .We are ethical & slow fashion brand that support local communities . Our production comes in small batches therefore we usually offer our collaborators our items for wholesale prices. Please get in touch

How is the organic bamboo fabric dyed ?

Our naturally dyed fabric is gentle to your skin, and most importantly it does not pollute the enviroment. Dyes are extracted from the leaves or bark of trees. Yellow dye comes from Mango tree leafs (Mangifera Indica). Black dye is made from the young leafs of the Ketapang (Cassia Alata), also called "umbrella" tree. Extracted Mahogany leaf (Swietenia Mahagony) provides natural brown colours. Secang wood (Caesalpina Sappan) gives beautiful reds, while Indogofera Tinchoria plant makes blue shades. By blending these 5 base dyes, we can create a whole spectrum of different colours and shading. For the dyeing process leaves are collected, finely chopped in small pieces then boiled with water for 7 hours until the dye is ready to use. Fabric is dip-dyed for an hour before it is washed, and the process is repeated six to ten times depending on the desired shade. The fabric then is then hung under the sun to dry.