Honuawave is sustainable brand for surf&yoga. Apparel made from Oceans bound plastic bottles. 

Inspired by Nature, created with love.

Honua means Earth.

At Honua we draw our inspiration from all around us. From the energy of the Ocean, the wild jungle spirit, the nourishing sun and the colours of life. 

The idea of our brand was born on the beautiful island of Bali where the connection with Nature is extraordinary.  

At Honua yoga we are on a journey to learn, to create global connection and awareness, and explore how we can care for our oceans. Bringing a conscious awareness to our daily practices is at the core of our ideas and we aim to bring this mentality through in the designs of all our products. 

We are passionate about what we do and our mission is to create products, which are mindfully designed and not harmful for the Earth. For us, it’s all about spreading the message of healthy sustainable living and we want you to be part of it.

At Honua we are always looking out for the new innovative materials that are based on natural resources. 

Our unique yoga mats are made by biodegradable products .With our special designs we wanted to bring a piece of Nature to you, and to your practice – wherever you may be rolling out your mat!

With our limited edition yoga wear collection we chose to use organic bamboo fabric as it has lowest possible impact on Nature. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant, rapidly self propagates and sustainably cultivated. Its zero pesticides and fertilisers as its incredibly renewable. Our organic bamboo range is beautifully made and coloured with natural plant dyes by hand of some amazing people .This is an old native Indonesian method that has existed for many years.

Alongside the yoga we love surfing and playing in the water . We found that is hard to find bikinis that keeps all bits in .With this in mind we have created our flower power retro surf range so you can have fun, be different and enjoy your time in the water .  We used Repreve fabric that's made from Ocean bound plastic bottles. 

We hope you will join our family and come on an adventure with us .